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Mailing Address

Saint Louis Art Museum
One Fine Arts Drive
Forest Park
Saint Louis, Missouri 63110-1380

General Information

Phone: 314.721.0072
Facsimile: 314.721.6172
TDD: 314.721.4807


General Membership

314.655.5335 |

Corporate Partners

314.655.5355 |

Planned Giving

314.655.5126 |


General Curatorial Information

314.655.5211 |

Learn more about giving gifts of art.

Learning & Engagement

General Learning & Engagement Information

314.655.5265 |

Group Visits (both docent-led and self-guided)

314.655.5469 | Tour Request Form


314.655.5252 |

Print Study Room

314.655.5402 |

Shopping and Dining

Museum Shop

314.655.5249 |

Panorama Restaurant

314.655.5490 | Online Reservations

Facility Rental/Hosting an Event

Catering for a wedding, corporate, or social event

314.655.5386 |

For information on hosting an event at the Museum, view our Spaces.

Marketing and Media

Media Inquiries

314.655.5493 |

Image Requests

To inquire about the necessary permissions to use images, including requests for higher quality/resolution formats, please submit a request. Images in the public domain are also available for direct download through the collection search in keeping with our terms of use.

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Donation Requests

The Art Museum proudly supports non-profit organizations in the St. Louis region through the donation of Museum items for fundraising events.

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Human Resources

General information regarding careers and opportunities:


The Museum does not appraise works of art. To find a qualified appraiser, contact the American Society of Appraisers, 800.272.8258,; the Appraisers Association of America, 212.889.5404,; or the International Society of Appraisers, 312.981.6778,

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Please Note: The Museum cannot assess the value of art objects, nor can it recommend an art appraisal business. For an assessment of your object, please contact an accredited auction house or art appraiser.

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